Utter Autism

December 31, 2011

Christmas Vacation?

What do you call the week between Christmas and New Years?  Well, we used to call it Christmas Vacation around here too.  But these days it’s not feeling much like a vacation at all.

I think it’s safe to say that Adrian and I both have had enough.   This break is no break for either of us.

He’s seeking structure constantly.  He wants to get up in the morning and go.  Preferably to school but if not, then somewhere. He’s bored with his computer by 10 am and resorts to annoying siblings and parents alike to entertain himself.  He walks around the house endlessly in an OCD loop.  Certain places he must walk backwards – we call it doing the moon walk.   Some areas must be rubbed up against or bumped.  This pinball machine doesn’t need quarters.

I’m dreaming of a day, just one, to sleep in.  And stay home and spend my time doing something other than feeding Adrian and showering Adrian and entertaining Adrian and driving Adrian and doing it all over and over and over.

He’s being medicated multiple times a day and put in the shower (our ‘safe-room’ when he’s out of control) multiple times a day. I must take him out for a drive at least once a day.  Some days when he’s particularly out of sorts and he’s already had more meds and another shower we’re driving multiple trips totalling an hour or two.

I’ve printed up a calendar and posted it on the wall to count down the days until school starts back up.  We’re both eyeing it carefully.  Tuesday can’t come soon enough for either of us.

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