Utter Autism

April 14, 2008

Cabin Fever

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The end of last week we had some illness run through the house and Adrian missed school Thursday and Friday.   This week is vacation week.  I’m thrilled to skip the daily driving.  Adrian is less than thrilled.

It’s only Monday and he’s already begging to go out – anywhere.  It’s gonna be a long week!

April 6, 2008

Nifty News

A while back I programmed a button on Adrian’s home page to express something that had happened at home I thought Adrian might want to tell his teachers.   It worked so well that it’s turned into a permanent  ‘News’ button. 

The school uses it to allow Adrian to pass along information about things he did at school.  He was able to tell us when he went roller skating, when they colored eggs and about his favorite part of a book they read.

Here at home we programmed it so Adrian could tell folks at school about walking on the treadmill, talk about his loose tooth and say what he did over the weekend.

Much of what we’ve programmed the button to express have been things that would have been difficult for Adrian to talk about otherwise.  This button makes it easy for us to add thoughts that aren’t part of his usual vocabulary. He seems to appreciate the ability to share these various news bits with everyone.


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