Utter Autism

May 7, 2011

Mid-Year Review

Thankfully, this really has been a much better year than last year’s nightmare.

Better.  I didn’t say awesome.  😛

We’ve still got new holes appearing in our walls too frequently.  We’re still looking at OCD that rarely takes a break.  We still have those moments of frustration and exhaustion.  But we’re surviving.

Besides the meds (which have been absolutely key), we’ve also developed a few new strategies to deal with Adrian’s behaviors.  For unacceptable behaviors such as banging on the house or hurting people, we’ve been asking him to lie down.  If he’s calm enough we can take him to his bed.  If not, he lies right on the floor.  We apply pressure to his back and shoulders.  He finds this calming and most times he’s able to get up in a few minutes and get himself back under control.  This position also allows me apply pressure,  hold him and avoid getting hurt if he’s really out of control.

If OCD is playing a part in the outburst I’ve been asking him to complete a simple 25 piece puzzle before going back downstairs.  It’s enough of a distraction for his mind that he usually calms down by the time it’s finished. 

We’ve also had success breaking an outburst by taking him for a ride in the car.  But this can backfire though if he assumes we’re going somewhere we’re not.  I’m waiting for the day he pounds a car window and it finally gives way.  It’ll happen.

The warmer weather means we can encourage him to go outside where he can OCD on picking leaves endlessly.  He finds this very calming… even if it kills every tree and bush we own.  *sigh*

For now, we’ve completely given up trying to repair the walls.  He simply destroys the repair within days.  Instead, we’ve taken to screwing pieces of cardboard to the walls to cover the holes.  No kidding.  This keeps him from eating the broken bits of walls, tearing at the holes to make them bigger and serves to take the beating he insists on giving certain locations over and over. 

We figure eventually our whole house will actually be made out of cardboard.  Everyone looking to make a quick buck should buy stock in drywall in about 4 years because that’s when Adrian will move out and we’ll likely be replacing every single wall of our house. 

Oh, and kitchen cabinets too.

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