Utter Autism

December 11, 2010

Meds… That’s What

We’ve always approached medications for Adrian with caution.  Less is always better.  Except when it’s worse.

Thanks to medications, we’re now able to have lights on at night.  Suppose you can’t imagine what a blessing that is until you try to live with Adrian shutting off every. single. light.  all night long.

Thanks to medications, he’s no longer endlessly walking in circles, bumping specific points here and there.  Over and over and over again.   It’s a relief for us and I can’t imagine how much better he must feel not being compelled to do that.

And now, thanks to medications, we have answer to, “Now what?”

I can’t express how much better it feels to know that when all our other strategies fail, we have something we can do to help him calm down and keep everyone safe. 

Scary, man-sized temper tantrums?  You’re not welcome here any more.

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