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January 2, 2011

New Year… Thank Goodness!

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2010 was by far the roughest year we’ve ever had where Adrian is concerned.  We started out with a bang dealing with a bone infection and subsequent surgery, hospital stays, weeks of IV antibiotics, casts, doctor visits and other such fun.

Then on top of all that growth spurts, hormones and behavioral issues.  His OCD flew off the charts leading him to bounce through the house like a pinball, bumping here with his hip and there with his head, over and over and over again.  Darkness returned to our house as he couldn’t stand to have a single light on in the house at night. 

And did I mention the holes in the walls, the destroyed cabinets, broken beds, ripped couches, bashed keyboards, punched monitors, beat up fridge, hurled Dynavox, smashed windows, pummeled pictures, fractured frames, torn toys, scratched disks, stripped trees and crashed car door?

Yes, it was really, really bad.

But I’m glad to say goodbye to the worst year on record and ring in the new year hopeful that things are going to get better. 

Yes, hopeful…. even as he bounces here between the kitchen table and family room chair… over and over and over again….

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