Utter Autism

January 27, 2008

Shopping Glee

Stores are often hit or miss with Adrian.  You never know if he’s going to be calm or crazy.  In the past we’d try to cover as many bases as possible to tip the scales in our favor.  We’d make sure he was well fed, not too hot, had his wheelchair, music player, headphones, etc.   Now we’ve added his Dynavox to the list of things we should have before going in a store.

I recently attempted an afterschool stop at the grocery store to pick up a few items.  I wasn’t sure how he’d react since he’s usually ready to get home and relax after spending the day out at school.  Our grocery store has a manual wheelchair with a basket on the front.  I decided that would give us a good place to put his Dynavox as well as give him that confined spacial sense he seems to appreciate in stores where there is a lot of stimulus. 

He was great.  As we went through the aisles, he pointed out products he wanted.  I encouraged him to use his Dynavox to request specific items and we picked up a few of the things he wanted here and there.  He seemed to really enjoy being a participant in our grocery shopping rather than just a passenger.

When we finally made it to the last aisle, I asked Adrian if we’d forgotten anything.  He shocked me by going back into his device and telling me we’d forgotten to pick up bananas.  I guess I need to bring my shopping buddy with me more often!

October 26, 2007

Koolaid Kid

I’ve been working with Adrian on learning to make the gallon of Koolaid he typically consumes in a day.  So far he’s learned….

  • to pour some water out of the gallon jug to make room for the mix and Splenda
  • to rip open the Koolaid packets horizontally instead of vertically
  • to use the funnel to get the Splenda and Koolaid into the jug
  • to manipulate the packets in order to get all the mix out
  • to pour the Splenda into the funnel, stop wait for it to go down and then pour more
  • to shake the jug to mix
  • to use a marker to mark the jug with a K  (for Koolaid)

Sometimes I look at our home life and suddenly realize we’re not working on anything new.  It used to make me panic and feel guilty …. “What was I thinking wasting time like that!!!”

But I’ve been at this a long time now.  Long enough to know that even though we could always be pushing for the next skill, it wouldn’t necessarily be the best thing for us or Adrian.  It’s good sometimes to just relax and enjoy what we’ve got.  

Right now we’ve got freshly made Koolaid 🙂

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