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September 25, 2014

Old Notebooks : Eye Contact

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January 20, 2000

I’ve started to really require eye contact.  If I have something to say to him I wait for eye contact.  He’s  doing well and most often ‘answers’ me the first time I say his name.  He also has been maintaining it until I finish speaking.  I finally feel like I’m talking to him instead of at him.

Adrian’s eye contact as a baby wasn’t horrible.  One of my favorite pictures of baby Adrian is one where I’m playing pat-a-cake with him.  He loved that and peek-a-boo and would hold eye contact with me forever while I played with him.Adrian

But he didn’t look at us when we said his name.  He avoided looking at us when we spoke to him.  When we brought his baby sisters home he refused to look at them too.  It was one of the clear examples we could point to and say with certainty, “Something’s not right here!”

Today Adrian has good eye contact.  He seeks it out.  He wants to know you’re listening when he’s trying to tell you something.  He’s learned to read people’s faces extremely well and he looks to see what you’re saying or how you’re feeling.

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