Utter Autism

September 8, 2011

SCD: Adrian’s Menu

I’m officially letting the SCD steal my blog for a bit. Cause yeah, this is HUGE for us. 

So what does a picky eater eat on this no sugar, no starch, no grain, no processed food diet?  Here’s what Adrian’s had to eat over the past two days:


Breakfast: a ripe banana and a piece of Banana cake (Individual muffins are too much work!  I bake it in a cake pan instead.)

Lunch: two medium sized chicken burgers (ground chicken seasoned up a bit) and a piece of peanut butter brownie for dessert 

Snack: a box of organic raisins

Dinner: pizza made with homemade pizza sauce and shredded Colby


Breakfast: a ripe banana and a piece of Banana bread (we just baked it in a loaf pan and skipped the topping this time around)

Lunch: a personal-sized pizza (“leftover” – made last night and put aside for today) and a piece of cinnamon cake for dessert 

Snack: a box of organic raisins

Dinner: pan fried pork chop (he wasn’t very hungry and didn’t eat much so we didn’t serve sides or dessert)



Lunches: Since Adrian prefers hot meals for lunch I usually try to make extra when I cook dinner so he can take leftovers for lunch the next day.  With most foods this works out perfectly and saves me having to find something new for lunch each day.

Pizza Sauce: Canned tomatoes and commercial pizza sauces are a no-no as I understand it.  We used Pomi boxed tomato product instead.   I added some legal spices (salt, oregano, basil, garlic, etc.) and then froze it in individual portions in ziploc baggies.  This way I don’t have to make a whole new batch of pizza sauce each time I make pizza.  Just grab a baggie and defrost it!

Muffins: As I mentioned above, I’m terribly lazy when it comes to muffins.  It just takes too long to fill them each, bake multiple batches and hope they come out of that little cup.  I always toss my ‘muffin’ recipes into cake or bread pans.  I can fit more into the oven this way and it’s so much faster!  I slice each into individual portions before freezing the whole thing.  This allows me to control the portion sizes as well.  For breakfast you want a bigger piece and for snack you grab a smaller one.  You can’t do that with muffins 😛


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  1. I hate making muffins; I stopped making them too. I just make a bread instead and pre-slice like you said. I don’t understand why people find muffins easier – way too much of a hassle.

    Comment by holysonnet14 — September 9, 2011 @ 12:47 pm

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