Utter Autism

September 6, 2011

SCD – Logistics of Starting the Diet

Adrian has always been a very picky eater.  He has sensory issues that make him unable to eat, smell or even look at certain foods.  For that reason alone, starting this diet presented many challenges for us.

I know that the book that details the diet suggests a ‘starting’ diet and I’m certain that many devoted followers would wag their fingers at me for skipping it with Adrian.  But, as with many things with autism, you do what you can.

Step One: The Ingredients

Before we officially started I began finding some of the more rare items we’d need…

  • almond flour
  • coconut flour
  • coconut milk
  • sugar free vanilla
  • recipes

I felt it was necessary to identify several meals, snacks and drinks he’d accept before beginning.  I was glad I did.  I thought  pancakes would be a big hit.  Turns out Adrian wanted nothing to do with a pancake that didn’t come with maple syrup – no matter how good the pancake was!  So instead we went with muffin/cake type recipes and found a few winners right off the bat.  I was able to stash away some things in the freezer so I’d always have something on hand when we began the diet.

Step Two: The Equipment

I’ve already explained that I’m not a baker.  I just don’t enjoy it at all.  So equipment that makes this whole process easier is key.  Some we already had and  others I bought just for the occasion.

  • parchment paper
  • silicone bakeware
  • my Kitchen Aid standing mixer
  • my Rival crock pot
  • a set of Ball wide mouth jars
  • lots of freezer bags

Step Three: The Method

I found I could make this whole thing much more tolerable by following one simple rule.  Never make just one thing!  Each time I step in the kitchen to cook for Adrian I always pack the oven and fill the freezer.  I’ll use mixer for one recipe, scrape it and immediately start the next.  I bake no less than 3 items at a time.  With all the ingredients and equipment already out, it takes hardly any extra time to simply throw an additional recipe or two in.   Everything goes to the freezer cut in individual portions so we constantly have a variety things to choose from.


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