Utter Autism

March 28, 2010

What’s That Smell?

Filed under: Autism, Family Life With Autism, Parenting Autistic Children — Carol @ 3:35 pm

So with the PICC line done and gone forever (or at least until the next nasty surprise illness) the doctor moved us on to the oral antibiotics…. cause you know 6 weeks of IV antibiotics should always be followed by something equally difficult and stressful. 😐

Actually, I can’t say it’s been THAT bad.  But the first dose did land in the sink untouched.  Turns out that in addition to being taller than I am, Adrian’s arms are longer too.  Go figure.

While I strategized about how to give it another go, we ate dinner there in the kitchen.  But there was this smell.  An awful, cat pee smell. 

Now we’ve not had cats in the house for quite some time now so we were immediately concerned.  We open windows and checked to see if perhaps some creature had sprayed the house.  No.  We checked the garage, the front door, the basement.  No, the smell was only in the kitchen.

We sniffed and sniffed all around.  Eventually we tracked the bad kitty pee smell to the sink.  Yes, the very sink that had just received a full day’s dose of that yummy orange flavored antibiotic.  It couldn’t be….

Yes, it was.  The innocent creamy orange medicine that was touted by everyone as having a pleasant taste does in fact have a lingering cat pee smell.  😮

Now I don’t even feel guilty about the cup of jelly beans I offer in exchange for his drinking down the cup of lemonade tainted with the nasty stuff.

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