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March 21, 2010

Still Going…STILL

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Last Thursday I kept Adrian home from school and we went to see the bone doc and the pediatrician.  I was terribly hopeful that some part of our torment would end.  No luck.  Here’s the actual email I sent my husband later that afternoon:

The guy we saw instead of Dr. L. today was a wacko.  You thought Dr. L. was weird.  This guy took the cake.  They took the cast off,he looked at it and then said that he really felt more comfortable just putting another cast on cause it’s not healed enough that it’s ‘safe’ for him to not mess with it AND he says that the extra support so soon after the surgery is needed, especially if he’s going through a cast in 2 weeks.  So Zee chose red for him.  At least it’s clean and unbroken now and they put some foam around the top so that it won’t hurt his toes when he walks.  So yeah, we didn’t get rid of it, but the situation is improved.

Then we went to Dr. M. and I kicked myself realizing that this wasn’t the week for bloodwork and, DUH, of course he’s gonna want to see that before he ‘releases’ us.  DOH!
He said if it’s normal then we can quit, if it’s normal to slightly elevated still he might make us go another week.  (sounded like he’d be looking for a reason to push it another week) We discussed how we could switch to a dif med and do orals instead or if he pulls the line again.  (You hear the distant sound of Carol thumping her head against the desk)  SOOO the sooner we get the blood work in his hands the sooner he can say what’s next so we went to the lab immediately and got his blood drawn – and yeah, ya know they can’t do it through the PICC line there cause that would be way too easy.  😐
And I’ve been dealing with a slight headache all day so I decided I’m prob gonna get sick and might better pick up the Claritin D on the way home.  After all we went through I also wanted treats.  Sue me.
So we stopped at the grocery store and I got treats and the meds and a jar of pizza sauce – cause yeah, that would be good to have on hand.
But when we finally got home (after fighting with Adrian in the car the whole way – even stopping to make him move in back) there was a hole in the bag wth the sauce and YUP it smashed in the garage leaving pizza sauce everywhere.
So now I’m having my ice cream and when that’s done I gotta do more antibiotics cause the lab won’t tell the doc till tomorrow if we can quit or not already.
See you when you get home.  Not sure what’ll you’ll get to eat as I’m pretty toasted and WILL NOT be cooking tonight.  No, you can’t make me.  I refuse.  It’s been a long day.  I’m done.  Have some ice cream… and some Claritin.
See you when you get home.  Drive safe.  Love you.

Yeah, I was a little disappointed to say the least.   The end of March and this madness cannot come soon enough.

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