Utter Autism

March 5, 2010


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Thursday, February 4th we arrived at the hospital around 6pm. 

X-rays, surgery, 3 IV lines, a PIC line, a cast, more doctors than we could count, 2 antibiotics and one huge hospital bill later we went home.

All was well for 4 weeks.  We had a few close calls with pulling the dressing off the PIC line, but other than that things were going well.  We saw the docs last week and the x-rays looked good.  He’s back to walking even though we put another hard cast on to prevent him from picking at the incision.  The blood work looked good and the antibiotic is doing it’s job.  Adrian and I even got pretty good at doing the IV meds at home. 

Thursday, March 4th we arrived at the hospital around 6pm.  Yup.  Exactly one month to the day he suddenly decided he’d had enough and ripped the PIC line out.  DOH!

I’m really rather surprised it took this long to happen but still a bit bummed it had to happen at all.  Just another 2 weeks and we would have been in the clear! 

Looking at his arm I suppose I understand why he might have just decided enough was enough.  His skin was clearly aggravated by all the bandages, tape, wrapping and whatnot.  The nurses had tried to shift it when they made the weekly dressing change but there just wasn’t that many places for it to go. 

So we’re here in the hospital for another night, waiting on a new PIC line. 

The trip through the ER went MUCH smoother this time for Adrian.  He understood just what we meant when we told him that we’d be staying and sleeping in the hospital.  There were no crazy fits and no major incidents of aggression.  He got a bit silly here and there but settled down pretty quickly.

Clearly he doesn’t mind being here as much as the rest of us … and I’m thinking that’s not a good thing 😛

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