Utter Autism

May 9, 2008

Our First Steps to Writing

I started with a whiteboard.  Adrian didn’t have a lot of hand strength and quickly gave up on writing with a pencil or crayon because it took too much pressure to make it write.  He enjoyed markers because they wrote with even the lightest touch.  A whiteboard let us erase errors easily and made the whole thing portable.

I had planned to use our collection of wooden, magnetic letters to be an example he could follow in forming the letters.  Instead we stumbled upon a highly motivating activity!  Adrian LOVED to write the letter and then place the magnetic letter on top.  A matching game of sorts.

I could form a word with the magnetic letters and he would eagerly write each letter and place the magnetic on top.  He aimed to make his letters about the same size so the magnet would match.

With this set up Adrian wrote words all the time.  He wrote ‘chase’ over and over again to play his favorite game.  He wrote ‘dance’ so he could have his turn dancing with mom in the kitchen. He wrote ‘cookie’ so he could eat his favorite treat.  In this way we increased the words Adrian could sight read and worked on his handwriting skills at the same time.  And best of all, he enjoyed it! 🙂 


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  1. Touching blog. I have tried for years to help our daughter learn to write, but she is unable. I am so glad your son is coming along!

    Comment by Nancy Douglas — June 4, 2008 @ 7:59 pm

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