Utter Autism

October 11, 2007

Taking A Step Back

I’ve been contemplating the meeting with Adrian’s team last week.  As I suspected, Adrian’s pinching habit is causing major problems.  I know a lot of it is caused by Adrian’s inability to communicate effectively.  After considering the problem for a bit, I’ve decided to take a step back.

I sometimes wish I could simply ‘download’ my knowledge of Adrian to his new teachers.  There’s so much in his history that I know would change how they look at him.  I did provide some of that history at the meeting.   But there’s no way to tell it all.

As frustrating as that is, it does have an upside.  There are two advantages I see in giving them some information and letting them figure out the rest.

  1. They might try something new.  Without a prescribed solution, they’ve already tried some new things to control his pinching behaviors.  You never know when they might find something through trial and error than works better than what we were already doing.
  2. The process of figuring him out builds their relationship with him.  If I could tell them everything there is to know about Adrian, they wouldn’t ever need to ‘get to know’ him.  It’s the nitty gritty stuff that helps build a unique relationship between Adrian and his teachers.

So having given the classroom team history and hints, I’m going to leave them to figure out how best to deal with Adrian’s aggressive behaviors at school.  Hopefully within a few weeks they will understand Adrian better, have developed relationships with him and will have found some strategies that help them.

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