Utter Autism

July 31, 2007

Disney Pages

Even when a trip isn’t on the immediate horizon, we talk about Disney World a lot around here.  With a trip to look forward to, it’s mentioned constantly.  Adrian’s never been able to participate in these discussions… until now.

In preparation for our trip I’ve programmed the Disney World pages.  There’s a separate page for each of the parks, the airplane and the cabins where we stay.  The airplane page has buttons to say “take off”, “land”, “airplane”, “Disney World”, “music player”, “bathroom” and “when”.   Combining the buttons lets him talk about the airplane taking off, landing and going to Disney.  Or he can ask when the plane will take off or land.  He’ll have his device on the plane and be able to ask to use the bathroom or his music player.  I also included a button with a picture of a bored child which speaks random phrases like “Are we there yet?” and “This trip is long.”  Adrian will probably get a kick out of driving Dad nuts with this button!

The park pages have the names and pictures of all the rides.  On the side bar are phrases like “I like”, “I hate”, “is fun”, “is scary”, “let’s go”, “next”, “again” and “I don’t want”.   I was aiming for this page to be functional year round.  By putting the rides together with these phrases, Adrian can say more than just what he’d like to do.  Given how much we talk about Disney around here, it’s sure to get a lot of use.

Adrian’s already in love with his new pages.  He’s used them to ask when the plane will take off, say he wants to see the Little Mermaid show, go on the safari and Peter Pan rides and see the fireworks.  Usually he insists his device be on the homepage when he’s not using it, for now he’s switched to the Disney pages.  I’m so glad he can share this excitement with us.

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  1. Disneyland is better. Socal!!!


    Comment by coaks — August 3, 2007 @ 5:16 am

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