Utter Autism

July 27, 2007


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Last night was the overnight at camp.  They pick one night each summer and the kids spend the night camping out in tents. Last year was Adrian’s first year.  He refused to even step foot into the tent (a boy after my own heart) and ended up sitting with the teacher, Mark, by the fire till about 4 am before he finally passed out.  He was up at 7 the next morning, went strong the whole day and didn’t hit the sack till 10 pm that night.  Amazing.

This year, the staff of his classroom didn’t seem as easy going as Mark.  He just seemed ok with the fact that challenges happen with these kids.  No matter what, he was always good humored about everything.  We soooo appreciate that. 

But this year’s team just didn’t seem to have that.  They were concerned that if Adrian stayed up, he could be loud and possibly wake the other students, setting off a chain reaction throughout the camp.  It’s not that it isn’t a valid concern…. it’s possible if not probable.  But like Mark said, “If it’s not Adrian, it will be someone else… it’s gonna happen no matter what.” 

We have a real appreciation for the folks who work with these kids.  We know first hand what a difficult task is set before them on a regular basis, let alone spending 30 hours straight with them.  Most of the time you get great teachers. Sometimes you get lucky and you get an extraordinary teacher like Mark. 

We don’t like to push folks past their comfort zone where Adrian’s concerned so we opted not to let him spend the night.  Instead Adrian stayed for all the festivities – the swimming, the pizza, the dance, the campfire complete with smores – then we picked him up at bedtime and he slept the night in his own bed.  Then we brought him back this morning to eat breakfast and spend the rest of the day with his classmates.

It seems he really enjoyed it 🙂

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  1. Matt’s not a tent kid either. Camping now involves taking my parent’s RV.

    Glad Adrian enjoyed it. 🙂 Nothing is better than when they have fun.

    Comment by FXSmom — July 29, 2007 @ 1:59 pm

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