Utter Autism

June 20, 2007

Words of the Week

We’re a couple of weeks into using the device and Adrian is regularly using it here at home to make requests and make things known to us.  Here’s a few of the ways he’s used it recently….

  • Dad was getting ready to make breakfast and was asking the kids if they wanted pancakes.  Before the device, Adrian had no way to participate in such a discussion.  He has an approximation for the the pancake sign but it’s indistinguishable from waffle, school and other clapping motions.  This time, Adrian made his opinions known by using his device to say “I want pancakes.”  The other three made it unanimous and pancakes were had by all 🙂
  • We went out to lunch one day while Adrian was at school.   When he arrived home, he noticed the leftover box in the fridge.  He used the kitchen scene to click on the fridge and say “Look in there.”  I was surprised by how quickly and smoothly he did this.  He knew exactly where he needed to go to get his point across.
  • Tonight, after Adrian’s bath, I was short on clothes upstairs.  I gave him an old pair of shorts to wear till I could make it down to the laundry room to get him something else.  As so often happens to me, I got sidetracked and never made it to the laundry room.  A short while later Adrian came to me and tried to make a sign I’d never seen before.  I pointed to his device and he went into ‘my words’.  It’s just a selection of vocabulary sorted by category.  He’d never used this button before so I watched carefully to see where he was going.  He went into clothing and pressed ‘button’, then he pointed to his shorts.  I remembered I’d forgotten to get him something more comfortable to wear!  When I got it for him, he laughed and laughed.  Without the device, it would have taken me much longer to figure out what he was trying to say.

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  1. That is soo awesome!!

    Comment by FXSmom — June 21, 2007 @ 2:03 pm

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