Utter Autism

June 10, 2007

Later, little bro!



“Adrian, come here.”

“Adrian, come with me.”

“Adrian, do this”

“Adrian, let’s go over there”

We hear these and other phrases like it all day long!  Zee just loves Adrian and thinks, like most 3 year olds do, that big brothers exist just to play with little brothers.  Adrian is easily 3 or 4 times Zee’s size and could just ignore the pip-squeak’s requests…. but more often than not, he doesn’t.

Most of the time, Adrian goes along with whatever Zee says.  He goes along and giggles at Zee.  Sometimes there are advantages in it for Adrian too.  Adrian loves to play chasing games.  The rest of us play those games too, but we get tired.  Zee has as much, if not more, energy than Adrian.  He can play on and on till Adrian collapses on the floor out of breath. 

They both enjoy playing with trains and animal figures.  Adrian loves to watch Disney movies on the computer and Zee is one of the few who can sit there next to him and not even mind that Adrian keeps flipping the movie back to the same part again and again.

Sometimes the two of them together is trouble.  Once I caught Zee using Adrian’s height for his own purposes….

“Adrian.  Adrian, come here. (whispering) Up there, Adrian.  (Adrian reaches to the high cabinet where the treats are kept) Yeah.  (Adrian opens the cabinet) That one, Adrian. (Adrian puts his hand over a box of cereal) No, not that one. That one. (He moves his hand over the box of Teddy Grams) Yeah, yeah, that one.  Get it.  (Adrian hands him the box, giggling the whole time)

I watched all this happen from a distance.  They didn’t realize I was watching them.  At this point I stepped in and gave Zee a talking to.   Apparently it didn’t work because later that week I found an empty box of Teddy Grams in the living room.  I’m guessing a similar scene happened and they shared the loot.

I’m watching and listening to everything in Adrian’s world closely right now.  There are so many things Adrian doesn’t have the ability to say that he might like to.  Some of them might be “Zee, leave me alone”  or maybe “I’m busy right now” or “I’ll play with you later.”  Adrian usually goes along with what Zee says to do.  We don’t know if that’s because he really wants to or if maybe he just hasn’t had a way to tell Zee he’d rather not.  I guess there’s only one way to find out…. back to programming 🙂


  1. Well from an outsider’s perspective it looks like a fabulous relationship – and I know what you mean about watching and guessing.
    Best wishes

    Comment by mcewen — June 10, 2007 @ 7:20 pm

  2. I loved this entry – it reminds me of stories my parents have told me over and over again about my older autistic brother and I growing up together. Thanks – I truly enjoyed the read. JMF

    Comment by JMF — June 20, 2007 @ 3:42 pm

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