Utter Autism

June 1, 2007

Slowly Getting Him Talking!

Phew! I’m breathing a big sigh of relief tonight.  I found how to transfer over the Boardmaker pages from the old device onto our new Dynavox V!  There are hundreds of pages, representing hours upon hours, weeks upon weeks’s worth of work.  Getting this device functional for Adrian should go much faster now….

 Uh, should.  I did already find one bug in the translation of the files.  I have one ‘program’ Adrian loves where he puts the numbers 1-100 in order.  So there’s a total of 100 pages to make up the ‘program’.  Well, our last device had a volume problem.  The only way to fix it was to use Boardmaker’s feature telling the machine to use the ‘loud’ voice.  When the pages were translated into the new device, it translated the command for the ‘loud voice’ into ‘volume up’.  So with each number he pushed, the machine turned the volume up a couple of notches.  It was funny… until I realized I’d have to change all 100 pages. 

Since it’s his favorite program, I took the time to correct all the right answers so he could use it.  He rarely makes a mistake anyhow.  Now it only yells at him if he hits the wrong number.  I guess that’s reasonable for now 🙂

He’s spent the majority of the day on the swingset screen asking to be pushed on the swing.  Even now, it’s 11 pm and he’s still saying, “Push me on the swing!” and giggling the whole time 🙂

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