Utter Autism

May 13, 2007

How to stop a tantrum in one easy step

One of the few things that will calm Adrian down when he’s gone off in a tizzy is water.  In the winter we’re left with little choice but to put him in the shower till he calms down.  He’s always had a preference for cold water, especially when he’s upset.  It seems that somehow it helps him.  When he’s in the shower upset, I’ll often fill a cup with cold water and splash him.  It always stops a tantrum in it’s tracks and brings on the giggles instead.

Now that the weather has warmed up we don’t need to tax our indoor plumbing anymore.  I simply put him outside and throw a bucket of cold water on him.  It’s interesting he’ll immediately quit the tantrum and start giggling even before the bucket is filled.

This year I’ve stumbled on a great way to keep the giggles going.  I saved an empty laundry detergent container (the kind with the spout) and filled that with water.  Adrian’s tantrum ended with the first bucket I threw on him but he and Bee have been out there playing with cups and water guns for an hour now, laughing the whole time.

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